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In settling there they had bypassed the eastern provinces of Urartu and the prosperous country called , however, the weakening of Urartu and Mannai by Assyrian conquests, followed by a Scythian invasion and the final collapse of Elam, made all of western Iran accessible, and the foundations of Median empire were laid by Cyaxares.With this complicated infusion of new elements and influences, it is hardly surprising that the Iranian art of this period shows a rich synthesis of novel characteristics.Its most conspicuous surviving products are derived from four principal sources: an excavation at temple, consisting of two-story buildings around a partially roofed courtyard.It had been destroyed by fire, and interest in its architecture, which should be considerable, has been eclipsed by the beauty of some objects recovered from the burnt debris.One interesting exception is a type of carved steatite bowl, at first thought to be an Elamite product but since found at sites as far apart as Mari on the Euphrates and Mohenjo-daro in the Indus valley, where it originated, thus emphasizing the part played by Susa in transcontinental trade.

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Even more remarkable was a bowl of solid gold (Archaeological Museum, Tehrān), elaborately figured with repoussé ornament, the religious or heroic imagery of which is largely incomprehensible.

Dated to a period contemporary with the foundation of the Hasanlu citadel, though removed from it geographically, are the royal tombs found at Marlik.

The tombs contained gold and silver vessels, comparable in design to those found at Hasanlu, and ingeniously grotesque animal figures in terra-cotta.

Chariot or harness fittings are predominant: they include rein rings, bits, and ornaments, as well as weapons and various types of talismans.

All suggest an indigenous school of craftsmanship catering to a changing clientele whose tastes and requirements varied with their origin.

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