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How on earth are the national governments going to do this job if not with local governments?Monitoring is not only about follow-up, but also a horizontal process of mutual learning: description of benchmarks, success stories, failures, and mistakes.Diplomacy and foreign policy have become local-level activities as well.Maybe despite the competition among cities it is only defense that remains within the competence of the national sphere.Most basic services, in one way or another, are provided within the local public domain.But that alone does not guarantee sustainable development.That said, even issues such as security, conflict resolution, and crime prevention, which earlier were typically considered national affairs, are today also pressing local issues.World trade has traditionally been regarded as a multilateral issue.

Someone from the European Commission mentioned that the EU has decentralized its programs, but water and sanitation have not been national priorities; he noted that perhaps more work should be done in that area.

Once, when I discussed the need for the local level to get its voice heard in multilateral negotiations, an experienced diplomat with the best of intentions nodded his head and acknowledged that yes, why not, in those specific issues that concern you.

I had to ask which are the issues he thought would have no relevance for the local level, for I could not think of any myself. Representation democracy could be described as an upstream process, bottom-up reaching from villages and communities to local governments the first of the layers that cover the globe completely to other sub-national levels (states, cantons, provinces, prefectures, etc.) to sovereign states and various sub-regional coalitions of the willing (EU, G77, G8, etc.) to international and multilateral organizations, such as the UN or the international financing institutions.

Yet most cities were born around local market places; additionally, employment, commerce, industry, subsidies, taxation, production patterns, transport, and logistics are also very much local issues.

The provision of public services is a case in point.

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