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In the episode "The Master Builders", after Autobots Grapple & Hoist made a deal with Scrapper & the Constructicons to build a Solar Power Tower & after finishing it, the Constructicons then merged into Devastator, imprisoning the two Autobots and using the Solar Power Tower for the Decepticon cause.The rest of the Autobots soon arrived out of suspicion & fought the colossal Decepticon.Starscream tries to convince Devastator to stop, only to fail as well.Both sides worked to gether to brought the combiner back to his senses by disassembling back into the Constructicons.Megatron in turn knew this scheme, so he decided to counter it by using a device to override the dominator discs upon the Autobots' return.When the Autobots & Devastator arrived, Megatron activated his plan to counter the Autobots' control of their champion and returning him on the Decepticon cause.Hound manages to dstract him using a hologram of "Halonix Maximus", giving Optimus Prime an opportunity to shoot him in the chest, causing him to disingage & fell into the lava.

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However, the Autobots came up with an idea to make Devastator their ally, thanks to Chip Chase 's idea.

Devastator also tried to do the same on Spike Witwicky and Carly Spencer, only to fail as well as they were able to sneak pass by him.

Devastator once again encountered Omega Supreme in the episode "The Secret of Omega Supreme", wherein the latter manages to pay him back by burying him on an avalanche.

The Constructicon robots that form Devastator in the main series are: "Awesome & terrifying, this Decepticon is a bizarre combination of six Constructicons: Scrapper, Scavenger, Bonecrusher, Hook, Long Haul & Mixmaster.

He is pure brutal as his sole purpose is to crush all in his path.

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