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These early coasters were replaced by the Cyclone, the saltwater Flume, and the corkscrew in later years.

The famous saltwater pool was installed in the 1930s, only to be paved over in the last years of the park.

postcard 1postcard 2Aerial 1995Aerial 2002 John Barchi c.1954 [Spitfire Skee Ball 1Skee Ball 2Skooter] J Hogue c.1983, Kiddie Land [01020304] More photos of the park from Liam Gray, October 2006 Even more photos by Wiliam Brown A My Little Town Replica of the Rocky Point Park Gate for only Rocky Point The Tales of Rocky Point Park Comic Book A story from Laff In The Dark about the Castle of Terror (renamed the Castle of Horror in 1970) In the 1840’s, Captain William Winslow began to land his passengers on the land we now refer to as Rocky Point for Sunday outings.I used to go a couple times each summer growing up and worked there the summer of 1983.I worked a couple rides — started on the spider and ended up on the old roller coaster for most of the summer, before the new one was put in.In 1996, the park fell into bankruptcy and auctioned off many of the major rides.It attempted a “comeback” as the Rocky Point Family Fair with rented rides for the ’96 season, but the crowds were sparse.

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