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When the final four are trapped on an island, Duncan states in the confessional that it was great to be stuck on an island with two hot girls (referring to Gwen and Heather), before adding they're both "completely insane".After spending the duration of their time on the island arguing, Gwen makes a raft to get herself off the island.This, in addition to Duncan's constant desire to grab Courtney's attention and make her jealous, leads to the end of their relationship in Moon Madness.

After the movie, they realize that they share the same favorite horror movie and talk about their favorite gore scenes from said movie.He joins everyone else in rushing to warn her of the danger.He congratulates her with a high five when she successfully fights off the killer.Duncan then manages to trick Gwen into leaving the campfire so that he could face the killer alone and win.Once Duncan rejoins the others after unmasking Chef, he is shown to be greatly concerned when he realizes Gwen is with the real killer.

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